How to style your Nordic Ribbed Vases

A Nordic Ribbed Vase can be used in a number of design scenarios and that’s a part of what makes them great. They are versatile, come in different colors, sizes, and sometimes shapes, and can be used to bring a dull room to life or fill in empty decor spaces that need a beautiful pick me up. Our Nordic Ribbed Vases come in white, dark grey, and beige, and can be used in addition to our candles in interior design planning. Let’s discover a few ways in which you can decorate your home with our Nordic Ribbed Vases

If you’re a first-time Nordic Ribbed Vase buyer you’ll notice that these vases aren’t like ordinary clear vases that hold fake flowers. These instead hold an artistic sculptural element to them, so they aren’t just a tool to hold the art in the room, they are the art and can of course hold flowers, foliage, or other decor items. In fact, the Ribbed Vases have a specific wide bottom design and a slim neck that are perfect for accentuating your decor of choice, whether that be fresh flowers from your garden or fake foliage that could last a lifetime.

Nordic Ribbed Vases are best used in open environments, with large, spacial room - think high ceilings and open floor plans. However, for those who like a challenge, these vases can very well work in smaller spaces for a dramatic yet simple Scandinavian touch.

When considering where to add your Nordic Ribbed Vase in your home, pick an open and roomy spot. Remember, your Ribbed Vase is the art, you’ll want it somewhere it can act as a centerpiece. It will naturally stand out due to its artistic design and size, so don’t be afraid to give it room to shine. While we recommend adding fresh, dried, or fake flowers and other foliage, you can absolutely leave your vase empty as it is stylish all by itself.

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