Home Fragrances: How To Choose The Right Scent For Each Room

The making of a home for many people has much to do with design choices. They might wish for the living room to be vibrant, while they want the bathroom to be calming, the hallway to be welcoming, while the bedroom should feel intimate. All the choices in furniture, textures, colours and textiles will often be based on the attempt to create within a room the ambiance that they wish for it to have. And yet, one of our most important senses is often forgotten in the creation of that ambiance and mood, and that is our sense of smell. 

For most people fragrances and odours can ignite within them feelings or bring up memories and that is because our senses can stimulate different parts and regions of our brain where specific memories are stored. This is why homemade cookies will remind you of your childhood, while the smell of the ocean can remind you of a great holiday that you had. By utilising fragrances in every room, you can bring about memories and feelings and can truly transform the room that you are in.

Candles are a wonderful way of adding warmth to a room, and scented candles especially can change the mood in the room as your senses start to become more engaged and attuned to the fragrances that are being exhumed. Depending on the season you might wish to switch the scents that you are using in each room, or perhaps you can save specific scents for specific seasons and moments, but we would also recommend having one specific scent in each room, as to enhance the vibe and tone found there.

With our Maisoni scents, you will find that you can have a different candle that has a different mood setting quality to it in each different room. For the living room, you could use a fragrance such as our Wild Violet & Black Amber candle, which can have a very homey feel to it as it mixes floral and earthy scents for a blend that can remind you of a day spent around the living room talking with your friends and family. While for your bathroom you might wish to go for something more calming, such as the Black Amber & Lavender scent, which has both floral tones as well as, a subtle vanilla scent which alongside the lavender can soothe you as you are taking a bath or preparing for a good night’s sleep. Similarly, this scent could also be great for your bedroom if you would like to use something calming in there. If not, you can always go for something more adventurous such as the Egyptian Amber fragrance, which can be a very bold sense that can strengthen your sense of fervency. For your dining room and kitchen, you might want to use some earthier and stronger tones such as those in our Vanilla Musk & Sandalwood or in our Velvet Rose & Oud scent. Both of these can make you feel at home as they have very warm and natural tones and undertones.

When choosing the right scent for each room it is important to look at what each scent brings up in yourself. Your sense of scent is completely personal and as such, a scent that you would love in the living room of your home someone else might wish to have in their office. That is completely natural and it is something that you should try and find within you. Once you do, you can strengthen the fragrance in each room by using a variety of different scent methods, candles, diffusers and wax burners can all work wonders in increasing how intensely a scent is felt in the room. If you are choosing to use candles, we encourage you to always trim the wick, as that will allow the candles to have a healthier burn. Keeping your space clean can also go a long way when it comes to fragrances, as the scents can travel further and fill the entire room when the areas in the room are clean. Having a clean space will also allow the candles to really improve the mood in the room and to make for an overall more pleasant experience for each visitor.

When setting the ambiance in your home you can utilise fragrances so as to enhance the mood and the tone of the room. A fragrance can really awaken the rest of your senses and it can help you with really experiencing your surroundings with a different sense of delight. More importantly, scent can really make your house a home.


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